Why is my Big Toe so Sore?

It is common to experience to pain through both the big toe and the joint as well. It can be due to excessive walking in worn out shoes, due to joint overload caused by our walking pattern or a number of other reasons. The big toe and it’s joint are designed to flex upwards when walking, creating a stable platform when the toe leaves the ground. When the joint is asked to moved outside of this normal range or if the joint is damaged (due to conditions like arthritis) it places undue stress on the toe. The resulting pain can linger even during rest or when replacing old footwear.

A visit to the podiatrist can help explain the current condition of the toe and joint, and identify a plan to manage it in the future. Whilst new shoes often help, further support in the form of an orthosis may be necessary. It is also important to identify where muscles are working too hard or too little. Pain causes muscle imbalance as a way of compensating.

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