Video Gait Analysis

Video gait analysis is used to slow and analyze walking (gait). Even when walking some of the movements of the foot happen so quickly they are hard to catch with the naked eye. By recording and slowing the walking motion we are more able to more accurately able to diagnose and treat foot pain.

Below you can see an example of how gait analysis can help with the diagnosis of mechanical foot problems. You can see from the video that the heel rolls towards the inside when walking. This rolling in or pronation causes excessive stress and strain on the foot and lower limb. Problems similar to the below are often treated with custom made orthotics.

By accurately measuring the extent of your foots pronation (or other abnormal motions) we are able correct any biomechanical abnormalities of the feet and lower limb. See below for an example of a pronated rearfoot measurement.

Video Gait Analysis of Flexible Flat Foot

Video Gait Analysis of In Toeing or Pigeon Toes

Video Gait Analysis of Bowed Legs

Video Gait Analysis of a Haglunds Deformity

Video Gait Analysis of footwear patterns causing lateral (outside) foot pain

Video Gait Analysis of over pronation

Video Gait Analysis of out toeing

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