Nerve Pain in Our Feet

Nerve pain can be pretty tricky to describe. Numbness, tingling and burning can all occur when a nerve or nerves are being compressed, rubbed or irritated in some way. This is especially common in our toes and the balls of our feet. The most common nerve condition in the feet is called a Morton’s Neuroma.

The nerves of our feet run between the long bones (metatarsals) that make up the balls of our feet. These nerves are especially susceptible to irritation as tight footwear or poor mechanics can easily cause the bones to shift and compress the nerves. When a nerve has been repetitively compressed or pinched it causes pain and swelling of the nerve itself. This swelling can become permanent if no changes are made, and the nerve becomes more prone to further irritation with its increased size.

Early treatment is essential and involves reducing the swelling and pain with ice and pain medication. Further treatment involves addressing problematic footwear (narrow shoes) and poor foot mechanics during walking (hyper-mobile feet).

If you are concerned about numbness or burning through the balls of your feet call our clinic at (07) 3823 5423 to see one of our Podiatrists.