Don’t let your new years resolutions fade due to injury

It’s a new year and most of us are tyring to cling to our healthy resolutions.   It is not always easy to maintain healthy habits when we return to work and our busy lifestyles.

Most people (myself included) make a resolution to be more active or more healthy in the new year.  While this sounds great on January 1, it can be hard to maintain the increased workload as aches, pains and overuse injuries, start to hamper our enthusiasm to train.  With extra activity of a healthy lifestyle your feet can be at risk of overuse injury and breakdown.

An early sign of an injury developing is tightness, pain and discomfort.  This is particularly true for overuse injuries.

There are a number of things that you can do to make sure you can continue with your new years resolution and become a victim of an overuse injury.

Check your shoes for signs of wear and replace old shoes – if they are older than 1 year or have done more than 1000km there is a good chance they are worn out. 

Warm up before exercise (especially the calf muscles) – stretches and an active warm up are a great start.

Check or replace your orthotics to make sure your feet are optimally supported.

By doing the above 3 points you will limit the chance of developing and injury from overtraining.

Please contact Jackson or Myself if there is anything that we can do to make your 2021 a great year.


Kent (Podiatrist)