Achilles pain got you down?

Achilles tendon pain (achilles tendonitis) usually presents as a dull ache in the Achilles region usually about 5cm above the heel bone. When the foot over pronates, this places an increased amount of strain on the Achilles tendon and over time with the repetitive nature of walking the Achilles tendon becomes irritated and painful. Read […]

Diabetes week 2020

Diabetes & Foot Care: what you need to know

When you have diabetes you need to take care of your feet every day. Having diabetes can increase your risk of foot ulcers and amputations. Your feet are at risk because diabetes can cause damage to the nerves in your feet, blood circulation and cause infection. This damage is more likely if you have had diabetes […]

Do you get calf muscle cramps?

Muscle cramps and spasms happen to most people and can be caused by prolonged activity, over-exertion, dehydration, low blood sugar, nerve disorders, pregnancy and other factors. Cramps usually occur at rest, often at night and can vary in length and intensity. Can muscle cramps be prevented? And what is the best way to treat them? […]

Children’s Foot Health

With children, their bones don’t fuse together until puberty. There are some foot and leg conditions that may then present with pain or kids not keeping up with their friends. Gait analysis, correct shoe fittings and ongoing monitoring are some of the ways that podiatric care can positively change the lives of kids. It’s a […]