Your Feet & Diabetes

Did you know that having diabetes can increase your risk of developing complications in your feet? Diabetes can cause nerve damage called ‘peripheral neuropathy’ or reduce the circulation in your feet which is called ‘peripheral arterial disease’. Nerve damage may appear as numbness in the toes or feet, or as altered sensation with pain or […]

Gait Analysis: What is it and why do we use it?

Gait analysis is a system of observations that podiatrists use to study the way your body moves, and how that may be effecting your feet, legs, hips and lower back. During gait analysis, your body’s movements are observed, measured, recorded and assessed. This information is used to make a diagnosis, and then to prescribe treatments […]

5 Steps for Fitter Feet for People Aged 65 & Over

1. Look closer By looking at your feet every day you can check for cracks, sores, infections or dry skin. This is especially important if you have diabetes or chronic health issues. See your podiatrist if you spot anything to avoid complications. 2. Feeling comfortable? Check that your shoes give you the support you deserve […]

Heel Pain in Growing Children: Is It Normal?

Sever’s Disease is the most common form of heel pain in children. It is a temporary condition that affects growing children. The heel pain occurs when the Achilles tendon repetitively pulls on the back of the heel bone irritating the growth plate. Growth plates are found at the ends of our bones and allow the […]